delphit SmartLRM - the smart way to collect leads

With delphit SmartLRM you will be able to use your existing SmartPhone (any Android or iPhone) to collect leads on an event by just scanning the badge of your visitors.

Upcoming Events:

ISC’13 - The HPC Event in Leipzig, Germany (June 16-20, 2013)

If you are an exhibitor at ISC’13 in Leipzig, you can

  • order lead retrieval system and rental devices here
  • download your scanned leads
in the exhibitor login of ISC-Events.

What and how to order

The ISC'13 Lead Retrieval package includes a SmartLRM App licence. You are able to install and register the app on up to 5 Android or iOS devices. Lead scanning can be done using your smartphone camera. To qualify your leads, you can define up to 10 custom questions which we will integrate into your app licence.

Laser Scanner or Smartphone based scanning

There are two ways of lead scanning: Either by smarthpone-camera, or by laser-scanner. Laser scanners are suitable for users preparing to scan large quantities in short time. Please be aware, that the laser scanner does not provide lead qualification by default.
If necessary, we can connect the laser-scanner to your smartphone to enable lead qualification with the laser scanner.

Do you need a rental Smartphone? (E.g. if your company uses only Blackberry)

Please be aware that we do not offer an app for Blackberry Devices. If you don't have an Android or iOS-based Device, we offer to rent an android-based smartphone during the show.

Download SmartLRM

You can download SmartLRM for Android here, or search in the Android Market (Google Play) for "SmartLRM".

Download SmartLRM for Android

The Apple Version of SmartLRM for iPhones is available in the App Store, just search for "SmartLRM".

Further Information

Please check out the FAQ Section for further information.